My Escape From Sickness

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been drawn into using scented bath and body products on a daily basis. As a teen, my go to was Love’s Baby Soft. As a young adult, I was smitten with Exclamation perfume and the fruity grape scent of Aussie mouse and hairspray. Moving into my 30’s I was overtaken by the plethora of gels and lotions that came in more scents than I knew existed in one store. Behold Bath And Body Works. Spending an hour smelling each colorful bottle and carefully selecting a set or special combo of scents to smother my skin and hair was very appealing to me. The many bottles on my vanity proved that to be true!

Back then I didn’t think twice about what I put on my skin, hair, or body. I thought friends who were advocating all natural products and saving the Earth were fanatical. If millions of people were using these products and they were approved by the FDA as safe, why should we listen to some protesters? Well, they might have been a little weird to us back then, but I for one wish I had listened to them and researched the facts for myself.

Coincidence Or Ingredients?

Through my 30’s I started to see my health decline. I suffered with major migraines almost daily. To the point where normal headache medications didn’t touch it and I was paralyzed in bed. Confined to a cool dark room and pillow over my head to block out noise, I would pray for the pain and nausea to let up. I finally found an OTC migraine medication that worked! However, I was going through an entire bottle every two weeks. This continued on for several years and I thought nothing of it. At age 32, I started having symptoms of Endometriosis and Fibrocystic Breast Disease. Biopsies, tests, blood work, and more on a repeat cycle for 3 years leading up to a double breast lumpectomy and hysterectomy. My body was falling apart and I was way too young for all of this to be setting in!

My nightmare of health decline culminated during the hysterectomy surgery. I lost a lot of blood and had difficulty healing. My skin was a yellow gray color, my body unable to walk or eat much of anything. Every medication they gave me either didn’t work or I had a terrible reaction to.

After a week of calling the doctor’s office repeatedly to alert them something was wrong, a friend brought me directly in. Unable to stand upright and my kidney protruding from my back, I was rushed to the ER. It was too late- Sepsis had set in. All of my internal organs were infected and they rushed me into the second surgery to remove the infected hematoma. I was in serious trouble fighting for my life. My doctor even spoke the words “I wasn’t sure you were going to make it, but today I give you the all clear.” That was 2 months after the hysterectomy. He said I had the all clear, but I still wasn’t feeling good and everything I ate or used seemed to make me feel worse. I decided it was time for a look at holistic living and after some research, I was realized it was worth a try. It wasn’t more than a week into a new strict diet and eliminating all chemical based products when I realized how good I was feeling. I hadn’t had a single migraine, no extreme fatigue, no restless legs at night, and my energy level had increased significantly. We were on to something and I was determined to get well. I made a dramatic recovery, but I was left with auto-immune deficiency requiring me to be mindful of my body and make adjustments to my daily life forever.

I’ve been cautious about what we eat, what types of bath and body products we use, what types of medicines we take, and the types of cookware we prepare and store food in ever since. I also got rid of all my candles and plug in air fresheners replacing them with diffusing essential oils. We’re still a work in progress to be 100% free from chemicals, but no products with sulfates, parabens, or imidazolidinyl urea, triclosan, etc are allowed in our home. Along with fragrance and synthetic colors, those are among the most toxic ingredients found in beauty products.

Proof Is In Living

Now you’re probably thinking I’m the fanatic and frankly that’s ok with me! I know how much better life is when I’m healthy and I want my family to be healthy too. We still use conventional medicine when necessary, but I prefer to try everything natural based first. Thankfully, since switching from chemical cleaners to Thieves, replacing allergy medicines with essential oils, and switching out things like deodorant, shower gels, perfumes, toothpaste, mouthwash, dryer balls instead of dryer sheets for all natural choices, we’ve seen a significant reduction in sickness. I was usually sick at least twice a month, my son had severe asthma requiring ER visits several times a season and had eczema so bad he was constantly scratching himself raw. My husband had bad allergies that kept him up at night and frequently got sinus infections. In the last year of changing our products to Young Living, my son hasn’t had one asthma attack or even any allergy symptoms. His eczema is under control with only occasional flares and my husband no longer uses or needs daily allergy medicines. I no longer have sleep difficulties, restless legs, or any problems whith Endometriosis or Fibrocystic Breast Disease. I still on rare occasion get a headache and only had 2 or 3 migraines all year, but eliminating all of these things from our lives has really made a huge difference.

Take Action!

Is it time for you to take your health into our own hands and make the conscious choice to use all natural products? What is it that you want to improve in your life? Better sleep, more energy, eliminate headaches, improve allergies and asthma? Whatever it is, do a case study for yourself. I guarantee you’ll see an improvement in your health when you are only putting good things in.



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