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Adrenal Support Serum

Only tested with Young Living essential oils

As a member of Young Living, I have a team of amazingly educated people to guide me and my team on our oily journey. This adrenal support recipe was created and shared by our diamond leader, Rachael James and has been a life changer for me!

For years I struggled with insomnia, disrupted sleep, or non restful sleep which affected my mood and ability to handle stress. In a previous blog post, I shared about that and my discovery of how adrenal fatigue was behind it all. Here, I want to show you how easy it is to make this amazing serum so you can rebalance your adrenals and start feeling great again!

I purchased my glass bottles and organic castor oil from Amazon and my essential oils through Young Living. If you don’t have a Young Living account, contact me or use my link to set one up!

Add 35 drops of rosemary, clove, and nutmeg to your dropper bottle.

Pour half the bottle of castor oil into your dropper bottle with the essential oils. Save the other half for the next batch! Shake it all up and it’s ready to go.

At bedtime, drop about a quarter size puddle of the adrenal support serum into your hand. Massage it into your adrenal/kidney area and on the back of your neck. It’s a little sticky, but will dry into the skin. It’s important to use castor oil for this recipe as your carrier oil because it’s the only carrier that is anti-inflammatory which is essential for healing adrenal fatigue.

Massage the serum over the adrenals, kidneys, and back of the neck.

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