How Diabetes Brought Us Together

I’ve spent the last year learning about Type 2 Diabetes and ways to naturally reverse it through diet and lifestyle changes. During my training for Health Coaching, Diabetes has come up a lot in my circles and social media feeds. Type 2 Diabetes also runs in my family so it’s near to my heart and I knew right away I wanted it to be my niche as a coach. So many people get this diagnosis and just continue through life suffering its degenerative effects. Finding ways to cheat the insulin scale or flat out just continuing to live the lifestyle they had; ignoring the serious implications it will have on their health. The mind set of “I’ll just take more insulin, or It’s just Metformin” drove me nuts! If people knew what those medications are doing to their bodies long term surely they would want to make changes….right?!

The more I spoke to those with Type 2 Diabetes and shared information on how it could be different, the more I realized it’s not as simple as just educating someone on how it “could” reverse their diagnosis. They have to be walked through it with a curated plan and in conjunction with their medical provider to ensure it’s being done safely and their medication is dose appropriate. Most of all it has to be done with a willingness to be healthier with the end goal to reverse the Diabetes with a true mindset shift.

That’s where Health Coaching comes in. I’m still in the practice phase of my training, but I’ve already successfully walked 3 people through my 90 Day Total Transformation Program and REVERSED Hypertension and Type 2 Diabetes! Now, anytime I see questions about the topic or see someone newly diagnosed, I get excited at one more person potentially having that reversed and going on to live a normal healthy life and that’s how I met Jerrica.

One afternoon as I scrolled through facebook, I saw Jerrica posted in our Young Living essential oils private group page. Her question was geared toward oils and Diabetes support which was awesome because any time you can support the body naturally, you’re giving it something good. There were many suggestions, but I wanted to know more about what she was trying to achieve so I sent her a private message. Jerrica was looking for ways to support her mom’s Type 2 Diabetes and suddenly we had a common bond. I shared with her the testimonials from my 90 Day Total Transformation Program and specifically the journey I had with my mom.

We continued messaging each other for a couple of days and began a friendship that was divinely designed. Her way of uplifting and encouraging me through the trials of the 2 weeks that followed our meeting was predestined and I’m so thankful I reached out to her that day.

Jerrica is a fellow blogger and promoter of women empowerment especially for entrepreneurial women. She invited me to a spotlight interview for and featured me as Women of the Month for April 2020!

You can check out the interview here!